Performance and Sound Design: Tucker Alexander, Ray Fairbank, Kian Fotouhi, Andrew Ionascu, Heesuk Son
Sound Recording: Lauren McCall, Beach Clark, Rosa Westfall

We interpreted the score as a rustic map of Sailortown, Northern Ireland, with our performance taking the listener through a tour of the area surrounding the River Lagan. The sound we aimed to create was dark, industrial, and moody, representing the influence manufacturing had on the city. Our sound selection features multiple droning sounds, conveying a mechanical and cold feeling. We also wanted to highlight the schism introduced by the urbanization of the area with contrasting sections. The listener might even notice the sounds of a ship horn in the performance, representing the fact that Sailortown is a major port city in the country. We hope you enjoy our interpretation of “Flax Flower”!

The Georgia Tech Laptop Orchestra is a laboratory for music technology majors to learn about audio synthesis, sound design, interactive music systems, and experimental musical forms.