Una Lee

near enough the sea to smell it in the air

Sharon Phelan

Lines of Enclosure || Lines of Flight

Mhamad Safa

Variations for Winds and Drones

Jonathan Packham

Dialogue [for Chapelle Charbon]

Jake Johnson

Sailortown: Sense of Place

Fani Kostourou

Scoring a Terrain Vague

Diogo Alvim

Folies Charbon

Aura Satz

The Trope of Musical Stairs

Rennie Tang & Lisa Sandlos

Laban Score for Un-Walling the City

About The Project

This experiment at the intersection of urbanism and experimental music takes inspiration from graphic scores in music as dynamic forms that could offer new ways of notating the relationship between design ideas, built form, and social life: in other words, between scoring and performing urban space.

The project was conceived and led jointly by Gascia Ouzounian (University of Oxford / Recomposing the City) and John Bingham-Hall (Theatrum Mundi).