Carola Moujan Score

Richard Dougherty

In an attempt to re-discover the ‘body’, this piece investigates the pre-existing conditions in Sailortown through the process of epistemological mapping and bodily-writing to unveil the multifaceted and layered histories of the area.

Revealing a place that is conceived not in terms of certainty and stability but through a process of dislocation and appropriation, the piece attempts to recalibrate these findings through the use of lines, dots, and symbols (such as ‘Sitting on a Hill’ and the ‘Flax Flower’ motifs) to signify fragments, tempo, fissures, metre, rhythm, duration and other articulations of human activity.

This process also exposes the many latent characteristics and spatial dimensions of the area to weave a visual syntax of movement, occupation and thresholds – a grammatical framework for generating new architectural interventions.

Moving away from the linear and rigid forms of traditional notation, this piece is composed in a way that can be open to different temporalities – transcending all fixed notions of time and space.


Hearing the world differently as a Deaf architect.